Proper care of your post-operative site after dental implants surgery will ensure faster and better healing. If you’ve just undergone implant surgery at Designer Smiles FL, or are planning to, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the necessary after-care guidelines. In case of any questions, feel free to call our offices. We offer post-operative care at no additional charge.

Bleeding and Swelling

Minimal bleeding is expected and normal after dental implants surgery. You can manage these using the gauze pack that you’ll get after your surgery. The idea is to use the gauze pack to apply firm but gentle pressure to reduce bleeding. Avoid disturbing the post-operative site, as this makes it harder for the tissues to heal. When chewing or drinking, be moderate with your actions. Vigorous chewing or rough use of a drinking straw will only prolong your healing period.

It’s normal to experience swelling after dental implants surgery. If you notice swelling after your surgery, use ice packs to get it down. Elevating your head, for example on a recliner or using pillows, will also help. If swelling hasn’t gone down after three days, contact our dental offices in Coral Springs, FL.

Oral Hygiene

It’s crucial to observe proper oral hygiene after your surgery—as this facilitates quicker healing and guarantees the health of your other teeth. After surgery, saltwater rinses (thrice or four times a day) coupled with gentle brushing of your other teeth while avoiding the implant area should suffice. In some cases, our dentist in Coral Springs, FL, may recommend oral chlorhexidine rinse in place of salty water.

Diet and Activity

After surgery, it’s best to opt for softer and colder foods such as yogurt and pudding. Avoid extremely hot and hard foods, and don’t chew with the side that underwent surgery.

Give yourself ample time to rest after surgery, as resuming strenuous activity before sufficient time has lapsed can cause heavy post-operative bleeding. Forty-eight hours of rest after dental implants surgery should be enough to prepare your body to resume physical activity.


Smoking too soon after dental implants surgery can cause infection and prolong the healing period. It’s best to refrain from smoking for at least five days to allow your gums to heal.

Pain Relief

Our dentist will prescribe pain-relieving medication that you can take to manage your pain during the post-operative period. Ensure that you take this medication as prescribed.

Post-Op Visits

We will schedule your post-op visit one or two weeks after your surgery. Pencil this in your diary as you must return so the dentist can check whether your healing is progressing as required.

If you have any concerns about dental implants surgery post-op care, give Designer Smiles FL a call today. We’re always ready and happy to address your concerns and dispel any fears that you may have.

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