Designer Smiles, FL, offers the option of general anesthesia to patients who experience severe dental anxiety during dental procedures. General anesthesia allows you to sleep throughout the dental procedure, be it a tooth extraction, root canal treatment, or dental crown placement.

If you’re coming in for dental treatment and want to get general anesthesia, keep the following crucial guidelines in mind:


If you’re coming in for a morning appointment at Designer Smiles, FL, don’t eat anything after midnight. If your procedure is in the afternoon, allow yourself a six-hour window between your last meal (which should be very light) and your appointment. A light snack, in this case, would be toast and juice or black coffee, or any equivalent.


Make sure to let our dentist know if you’re on any medication. Bring any crucial medications to our dental office in Coral Springs, FL, during your consultation so the dentist can make an informed decision. Patients who use blood thinners, for example, constitute special cases that must undergo thorough consideration before general anesthesia.


You should not drive or operate any form of machinery after dental surgery under general anesthesia. As such, ensure that you come in for your appointment accompanied by a responsible adult who will help you get home safely.

Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene before your procedure is essential in preventing infection. Make sure to brush and floss, as well as use a mouth rinse before coming in for your appointment.

Personal Effects

Leave any jewelry, contact lenses, and removable dental restorations at home. Avoid applying excessive makeup before dental surgery, as this can make it difficult for us to monitor your skin color during surgery. If you have asthma, make sure to bring your inhaler with you during your appointment.


We recommend that you don’t smoke for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Should you wake up sick, for example, with a cold, on the day of your surgery, call the dental offices of Designer Smiles, FL, and let us know as it may be necessary to schedule your appointment. If you’re pregnant, share this information with our dentist in Coral Springs, FL.

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