Emergency Dentistry in Coral Springs, FL

When most people experience a knocked out, broken, or severely decayed tooth, the first response is often to head to the ER. However, the wait is likely to belong. Patients with more urgent concerns are usually taken first. Chances are that you will see a healthcare provider without a dental background. So, if you are faced with a dental emergency in Coral Springs, simply call Designer Smiles FL. Our emergency dentist in Coral Springs is ready to provide immediate help. Come to us for walk-in emergencies and advanced dental technology that leads to faster and more precise care. Designer Smiles FL provides honest, conservative care that works with your goals, needs, and budget.

Types of Emergency Dentistry

Typically, there are two types of dental emergencies. One that slowly develops over time. For example, severe tooth pain is caused by untreated decay. The other is sudden trauma or onset of pain. This usually happens due to an accident. Regardless of the type of emergency, both can be very painful and require immediate attention.

Prevent Dental Emergencies

Sports-related injuries are a common cause of dental emergencies. For that reason, both athletic adults and kids need to wear a protective mouthguard. Wearing a custom-fitted oral appliance every time you play will safeguard your entire mouth. Also, keep up with good oral hygiene practices. Brush at least twice daily and floss once a day. Visit your dentist in Coral Springs for routine oral health checkups and cleanings. Regular visits will allow our Coral Springs dentist to detect and treat minor issues before they develop into a dental emergency.

Designer Smiles FL for Same-Day Treatment

The longer you wait to seek treatment for a dental emergency, the more likely your problem will worsen. For that reason, the dedicated team at Designer Smiles FL is always available to examine and treat you as soon as possible. Call us right away if you or a loved one experiences a dental emergency. You can also just come to our dental office in Coral Springs. We will evaluate your situation quickly and discuss the best solutions with you. It is our goal to end your pain and get you back to health. Book an appointment with us for any kind of dental emergencies.

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