Fixed Partial Denture over Implant(s) in Coral Springs, FL

Many people think that dentures are inevitable as people get older. While many older people do get dentures due to dental disease or accidents that can cause the removal of their teeth, if they are healthy, teeth can last a lifetime. Sometimes, only a partial denture is necessary, and your dentist & periodontist may recommend a fixed partial denture over implants.

What is a Fixed Partial Denture?

A partial denture, most commonly known as a partial, is sometimes necessary when you have one or more teeth missing in the upper or lower jaw. A partial is common when teeth are missing in different spots on one or both sides of the mouth. While most partials are removable, one of our dentists at Designer Smiles FL may recommend a partial secure in place with screws or dental cement.

The patient cannot remove a fixed partial. Instead, our dentist in Coral Springs, FL must remove it in their office. Not being able to remove it means the partial denture cannot fall out at inopportune times and break, and it doesn’t need soaking overnight to clean it. Instead, you clean the partial denture by brushing it while cleaning your natural teeth.

Why Get Fixed Partial Denture over Implant(s)?

Keeps Mouth Healthier

Another reason why our dentists recommend fixed dentures or partial dentures is that they keep the jawbones healthier. With a removable partial denture, you can experience bone loss. However, the implants that stabilize the denture eventually integrate with the bone and prevent its loss.

Bone loss can affect your appearance because it can cause your face to look caved in or the skin to sag. This effect can make you appear older, which can, in turn, can affect your self-esteem. However, with the help of dentists from Designer Smiles FL in Coral Springs, FL, they can make your partial permanent to reduce bone loss.

Helps You Eat the Foods You Love

Another advantage of getting a fixed partial is being able to eat the foods you love again. When you’re missing teeth, it’s difficult to chew foods, especially hard ones like nuts, apples, or some meats. However, a fixed partial can act like natural teeth and allows you to bite foods and chew them as you did with your natural teeth.

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