Implant Crowns in Coral Springs, FL

If you’re interested in dental implants, then there are some things you should know about them. While they have several advantages over bridges and partial dentures, not everyone is eligible for dental implants. Also, most dental implants are not done in just one day. It is usually a two-stage process to install the implants and then add the implant crowns.

What is the Process of Getting Dental Implant Crowns?

One of our dentists at Designers Smiles FL will assess your teeth and jawbones if you want to get a dental implant to replace replacing a tooth. If the jawbone is healthy and has enough room to insert implants, then you will be eligible to receive them from our dentist in Coral Springs, FL. However, if you’ve had extensive bone loss, then you may not be eligible unless you undergo a bone graft.

Implants have three separate pieces: a titanium root, an abutment, and then the crown. The first step in getting your implant is to have the root inserted into the jawbone. After this surgical procedure takes place, the dentist usually allows the implant to fuse with the jawbone. Once it has, our dentist then puts on the abutment.

The abutment is a tooth-colored piece that one of our dentist & periodontist at Designer Smiles FL in Coral Springs, FL, screws on and bonds with the root. After putting it on, the implant crown gets cemented on top of the abutment.

What is the Difference Between an Implant Crown and a Regular Crown?

A regular crown that covers a tooth after a root canal or that goes over teeth to cap them only has one piece, which is the crown itself. It doesn’t require going onto an abutment. Instead, the teeth it goes over get trimmed or filed down so that the crown fits over them. The implant crown is just one of the three pieces of a dental implant that is necessary to form the replacement tooth. If you’re curious about getting dental implants, call us to set up an appointment with one of our dentists at Designer Smiles FL in Coral Springs for an assessment of your teeth to find out if you qualify for them.

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