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Crown Lengthening

Dental crown lengthening surgery is used by our periodontist Dr. Nilesh Dalal for several cosmetic and restorative dental treatment goals such as:

  • To improve tooth form to create a more youthful and aesthetically attractive appearance
  • To establish a biologic width which helps in the reduction of marginal inflammation
  • To create gingival symmetry as an added enhancement to aesthetics
  • To allow the gingival margin to follow the contour of the upper lips

This treatment plan, sometimes referred to as gummy smile surgery, is a type of periodontal treatment that includes periodontal recontouring followed by restorative dentistry. This two-phased approach can dramatically enhance dental esthetics.

When Crown Lengthening is Necessary?

When a tooth is mostly covered by gum tissue with not enough of it exposed to adequately accept the dental crown, our dentist might not be able to place a traditional crown as a part of your restorative dentistry in Coral Springs without first performing a crown lengthening procedure.

To give the crown more room for attachment and durability, Designer Smiles, FL, will present you with a complete treatment plan that includes information about crown lengthening healing time and crown lengthening post-op instructions.

Crown lengthening can also be done for cosmetic purposes. One example would be to help correct the appearance of what is sometimes referred to as a gummy smile. In this instance, correction of the gummy smile, asymmetric gingival margins, and short clinical crowns are important considerations in achieving an optimal esthetic result.

When combined with other cosmetic dentistry goals provided by our restorative expert to improve the shade and shape of the teeth, this phase of the treatment becomes an important part of a dental crown in Coral Springs performed by your local dentist Dr. Nilesh Dalal.

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