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Why Just Using a Normal Toothbrush is Not Enough

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Brushing your teeth daily with a normal toothbrush is not always enough. You need to floss them and you probably need to change your toothbrush. There some areas which your normal toothbrush does not reach.

Toothbrushes are made with a purpose to clean the surfaces in the mouth. The areas your toothbrush can’t clean are where dental problems start. Research shows that most people only remove about 43 percent of plaque on their teeth when they brush. The 57 percent remaining can cause gum disease and tooth decay.

One of the most vulnerable places in your mouth is the interdental space. That space is a perfect space for bacteria to grow and form plaque which eventually damages one’s teeth. Luckily, you can buy an interdental brush narrow space for the spaces between your teeth.

The interdental space is always very prone to bacteria and if you don’t take precaution now you may end up regretting. 98 percent of interdental spaces of healthy people contain bacteria.

For the best results when cleaning your interdental spaces with a narrow brush, ensure to talk to your dentist. Your dentist will give you the right techniques and will help you choose the right brush size for you. Your toothbrush needs to have the correct width for it to work perfectly.

Flossing your teeth can also help especially if you are using an efficient dental floss. If you are using a water flosser then you have a better chance of avoiding dental problems. This flosser flosses just like string floss and in addition to that it cleans the surfaces of your teeth.

Another thing that can help you with your brushing is using a conventional toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are easier to use and they remove plaque from your teeth much faster. Manual toothbrushes are also effective but electric ones may be slightly better.

If you just had a dental implant, you also need to change your toothbrush. The normal toothbrush will work but for the best results, go for Access toothbrush for dental implants. This toothbrush is specifically designed for the effective cleaning of dental implants. It is uniquely curved and its bristles are the best. You can get one from our clinic.

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