Even though our office has initiated COVID-19 outbreak precautions that provide safety for patients who need to visit us in person for urgent dental care, we also provide teledentistry in Coral Springs for those of you who want to adhere to a more cautious approach.

How We Can Be of Service with Teledentistry Near You

Although it may seem like a newer form of treatment in light of the current pandemic, teledentistry has been an American Dental Association-approved form of treatment since it was adopted in 2015. The policy includes live video and two-way interactions between the patient and our dentist, remote patient monitoring via electronic communication, and mobile communication devices.

The quality of care that you’ll receive from our Coral Springs dentist will not be compromised in any way. Although certain face-to-face procedures such as x-rays, tooth extraction, preventive dentistry, and more cannot be performed via teledentistry, the teledentistry services you will receive will be consistent with the high-level quality and care that our patients know and expect from Designer Smiles, FL.

Our dentist and dental care team will be able to access your records to provide up-to-date assessments and supervision in areas such as toothaches, dental infections, dental aligners, and more. If you’re wondering whether or not teledentistry in Coral Springs, FL, can help with your dental concern, why not make an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool to get started?

We’re Here When You Need Us

Whether you’re experiencing a dental emergency, require an update on the positioning of your clear aligners, or you’re looking for advice for an at-home solution for a toothache or tooth sensitivity, or you’re looking for a second opinion, Dr. Nilesh R Dalal and his team from Coral Springs, FL can provide the information you need to stay current with your oral health without having to leave your home.

Safety has always been paramount to our Coral Springs dentist office, and teledentistry is an extension of that commitment to our patients by providing you with direct dental services using the latest technologies available.

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