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In addition to the information provided by our own website, we want to provide links to other sites on the internet that provide interesting and beneficial information to you. We want to help you remain informed about how you can maintain proper oral health and wellness, and education is one of the greatest tools available. We have grouped the links into several categories to provide quick access to the topics which interest you.

If you have any suggestions for new links you believe other patients will find beneficial, please send us an email. We are always searching for good resources to give our site visitors a better understanding of health and wellness.

We hope you enjoy these links!

Periodontal (Gum) Disease and Implants

Gum disease is one of the most common dental ailments around the world. It is an infection or irritation of the soft tissues caused by a build-up of bacteria from plaque or food particles. Gum disease can be prevented at home before professional help is required. Check out these resources to see what you can do to save your smile.

Tobacco Information and How to Quit Smoking

These are resources that describe the effects of prolonged tobacco use and how patients can work on quitting smoking. Smoking and tobacco use in general, including chewing tobacco, have numerous negative effects on the mouth. Prolonged use results in enamel discoloration, damaged soft tissues, and an increased risk for oral cancer.

Oral Healthcare and Products

Many manufacturers of oral health products provide valuable information about how to maintain a healthy smile.

General Dental Websites

These sites are good resources for information related to general oral health and wellness. They also discuss modern dentistry and its benefits for people.

Other Helpful Websites

These aren’t necessarily related to dentistry but can be valuable resources for finding oral care in your area that meets your needs. Of course, you could always just visit us as well!

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