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Oral Surgery Procedures

Why Do You Need Oral Surgery?

When other interventions fail, oral surgery may be necessary to preserve oral health. An oral surgeon performs oral surgery. There are different types of oral surgery, including surgical extractions and incision & drainage procedures. Our dentist in Coral Springs performs diagnostic and treatment processes, depending on your unique needs. As well as surgical interventions for long-standing dental problems, our dental surgeon is well-versed in oral cancer screenings and biopsies.

We know that oral surgery can be unnerving for most people, and we go to great lengths to ensure all our patients feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable throughout treatment. Our oral surgeon will patiently explain your required procedure beforehand to ensure you’re well-informed. Let us know in advance if you struggle with dental anxiety so we can put in place appropriate measures to ensure your comfort.

Are you faced with an unforeseen dental emergency that requires surgical intervention? Our emergency oral surgeon, Dr. Dalal, will provide immediate care and help you overcome pain and prevent tooth loss.

Are you faced with an unforeseen dental emergency ?

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