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Alveoloplasty: What Are the Procedure Steps & How Long does it Take?

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What is Alveoloplasty?

Alveoloplasty is a surgical procedure for re-contouring and modifying the shape of the alveolar ridge (jawbone). It is usually done after tooth extraction or when a tooth is otherwise lost to help with the healing process and to prepare the jawbone for any subsequent procedures such as the placement of dentures.

In some instances, tooth extraction may leave an uneven jawbone surface. For example, the jaw might be left with varying low and high points in the socket where your tooth used to be. These irregular points will rub against a denture, making it unstable. An alveoloplasty will be performed in such a case to achieve the correct alignment. In addition, the procedure will make it easy for a dentist to fit a denture and help you retain your dental prosthesis.

At Designer Smiles, FL, we have a cosmetic dentist near you who will perform an alveoloplasty surgery and provide follow-up services until you have completely healed.

How is Alveoloplasty Procedure Performed?

Our dentist will have to access the jaw bone directly. To do this, they will need to raise a gum tissue flap. Therefore, an incision is created into your gum to give the required access. The dentist will then reshape your bone’s contours. Finally, the loose gum will be stitched up back into place.

How Does the Dentist Reshape Bone Tissue?

Our dentist will use:

  • Dental snippers to remove pieces of bone
  • Bone file to smooth down prominent areas
  • Dental drill to make the required corrections
  • A cast with the same size as dentures to ascertain if the correct quantity of bone has been removed

Our dentist will handle the exposed bone as gently as possible when doing all this.

Does Having Alveoloplasty Hurt?

You will be numbed up before the Alveoloplasty procedure, so you don’t have to worry about pain. In most cases, the use of anesthesia is optional, but our dentist will give you a chance to choose. Depending on the need, you might be placed under general or local anesthesia for the procedure. If need be, intravenous sedation may be used together with local anesthesia.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

How long the procedure will take depends on the nature of your jawbone; the higher the degree of unevenness, the longer the dentist takes to smoothen. Also, the surgery will take longer when you have had multiple consecutive teeth extracted.

What is the Healing Period After Alveoloplasty?

You will experience soreness which might last for as long as a week. The level of discomfort will, however, diminish each day gradually. Our dentist will give you a painkiller prescription to help you deal with the pain.

Your soft gum tissues should completely heal after three weeks. Therefore, the reasonable healing time for your bony ridge should be 4 to 6 weeks before dentures can be fitted. However, even beyond this period, the surgical area will continue to undergo gradual changes caused by the progress of the healing process.

Post-surgery Precautions

Apart from painkillers, our dentist will give you a prescription of antibiotics to prevent secondary infection in the operated area, particularly when you have had more than one tooth removed. In addition, it is recommended that you use an antibacterial rinse to clean your mouth. Use a saline solution for this purpose.

Stick to soft foods during this period and stay away from hot foods until your stitches are entirely healed. Also, avoid using straws when drinking, as this habit might stimulate bleeding.

You will need to visit our dentist after one or two weeks. Our dentist will examine your dental status during this visit to monitor the recuperation process.

Possible Complications and Risks

  • There is a risk of excessive bleeding, although this rarely occurs. An adverse reaction to anesthesia could also occur.
  • Most patients complain about post-operation pain in the surgical area several days after the procedure. The remedy to this is taking painkillers and getting enough rest.
  • The operated area may swell and experience tenderness. However, this effect is temporary and should diminish after 2 or 3 days.
  • The wound can break open when stitches become loose. This break can lead to bleeding and increase the risk of bacterial infection.

Our periodontist in Coral Springs, FL, is skilled and experienced to give you an alveoloplasty. In addition, we have the required tools and equipment for the job to make your jawbone look as good as new.

Visit us today or schedule your appointment to get alveoloplasty in Coral Springs, FL.