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What is Esthetic Crown Lengthening Procedure and Its Benefits?

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Do you look in the mirror and notice that your teeth look small and not proportionate to the size of your gum tissue? This makes you have a gummy smile. Dentists use esthetic crown lengthening to expose the teeth’ roots and the surrounding bone tissue for you to have a ‘fuller’ smile. Esthetic crown lengthening can also be used for people who have cracked teeth or misshapen teeth to improve the appearance of their teeth. This article will look at what esthetic crown lengthening is, the procedure of this treatment, and some of its benefits.

Why is Esthetic Crown Lengthening Performed?

When you have severe tooth decay, the crown is weakened, and it becomes impossible to hold the tooth firmly in its place. Accidents or injuries can also cause your teeth to be cracked or broken, which may also loosen the crown’s grip on the gum.

These cases necessitate crown lengthening. This procedure will reduce the gum tissue, and more bone will be exposed above the gum line. This allows the crown to be more firm, which facilitates comfort and improved dental care.

Esthetic Crown Lengthening Procedure

Your periodontist in Coral Springs performs the treatment as an outpatient procedure since it only takes one dental appointment to have your teeth fixed. However, the time that the procedure takes is different for each patient, and this is according to the number of teeth you need to be fixed.

Before the dentist can start working on your teeth, they will administer local anesthesia and some sedative. After the drug has kicked in, the periodontist makes an incision across the gum line to separate the gums from the teeth, exposing the roots and bone. Most patients need the gum tissue to be removed to achieve a symmetrical smile. After the gum tissue has been removed, the oral surgeon cleans the incision area with saltwater and then stitches up the gums together and covers the wound with a bandage. Covering the wound prevents bacteria that may cause an infection in the gums.

Benefits of undergoing Esthetic Crown Lengthening Procedure

Here are the benefits of Esthetic Crown Lengthening:

  • As the name suggests, esthetic crown lengthening is used for cosmetic purposes, and after undergoing the treatment, you will be able to have a more balanced smile. In addition, this gives you more comfort in smiling amongst your peers.
  • This procedure is important for its cosmetic benefits and because after the dentist near you performs the surgery, bacteria beneath the gum line is exposed and removed.
  • Only through the esthetic crown procedure can the dentist remove these bacteria, and therefore exposing the bacteria will reduce its spread and the risk of getting gum disease.
  • Esthetic crown lengthening surgery is also necessary when you do not have enough enamel for veneers or a dental crown to be placed.
  • This is because veneers and dental crowns are attached directly to your enamel, and therefore the dentist needs to perform crown lengthening to attach these dental prostheses.
  • Care After Esthetic Crown Lengthening Treatment

    It takes about three months before you recover from crown lengthening surgery. The dentist near you will administer some antibiotics and painkillers to reduce the pain where the incision was made. It is also recommended to use an ice pack on the face to reduce swelling of the gums.

    Rinsing your mouth after the surgery is not recommended as this can prolong the bleeding. Instead, moistened gauze should be used when there is some continuous bleeding, and this is done by applying some pressure for about twenty minutes.

    Oral hygiene is still vital after surgery, and you should only brush your biting surfaces gently to prevent reopening the wound. It would help if you also chewed on the opposite side to prevent bruising the wound.

    Your diet should slightly change after the surgery. The periodontist in Coral Springs recommends eating a soft diet and avoiding hard, sticky, spicy, or acidic foods. These foods irritate the wound and can cause infection.

    Do you have cracked teeth or a gummy smile that prevents you from socializing with your loved ones? Designer Smiles FL will restore your smile and help you have the confidence to smile amongst your peers. Schedule your appointment today to get crown lengthening in Coral Springs, FL.