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Gingival Irrigation

Irrigation is an essential component of modern life. In its simplest form, it is when water is directed through a certain area to better improve the region. When it comes to your visit to the dentist’s office, gingival irrigation can mean the difference between healthy gums and a painful smile.

At Designer Smiles FL, we treat many patients who have periodontal (gum) disease. To provide the most effective treatment possible, we now offer gingival irrigation in Coral Springs, FL.

What is Gingival Irrigation?

Gingival irrigation is also called oral irrigation. It is a common procedure during the treatment of periodontal disease where are dentist uses a stream of directed water to loosen and remove built-up plaque and debris from underneath the primary gum line.

Irrigation is done in combination with other treatments like scaling and root planing to better eliminate bacteria and any infected tissue. Depending on how severe your condition is, our dentist can even spray antimicrobials to attack infection and improve overall oral health and wellness.

Who Needs Gingival Irrigation?

Not everyone who has periodontal disease will require gingival irrigation. This treatment works best for someone who is in the early stages of gum disease, and it is typically performed with a thorough cleaning for the best results.

If you have late-stage periodontitis, then more severe methods are required to battle the infection. For example, you might need flap surgery to treat the roots hidden underneath the soft tissue of the gums.

Is Gingival Irrigation Effective?

When used in combination with treatments like scaling and root planing, gingival irrigation is a highly effective way to eliminate plaque and other forms of bacteria. The process of irrigating between the teeth can even be accomplished at home with a personal water pick.

How to Receive Gingival Irrigation Treatment

If you struggle with periodontal disease or a buildup of plaque, contact us at Designer Smiles FL today for a consultation. We can let you know if gingival irrigation in Coral Springs would be a viable treatment and get you started on the path to gum disease recovery.

Get Gingival Irrigation Near You

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