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Implant Crowns

If you have extensive dental decay or lost teeth due to an illness like cancer, then getting dentures is a good way to replace your teeth. However, dentures are often a hassle because you need to use messy adhesives to help keep them in place. Many dentists, like those at Designer Smiles, FL, can help end the hassle of dentures with permanent dentures or a fixed full denture over implants.

How Dentures and Implants Work Together

Although the name “permanent” dentures are not totally accurate, the dentures get cemented or screwed in place over the implants, so only one of our dentists in Coral Springs, FL, can remove them. The use of dental implants provides stability for the dentures, so you don’t need to worry about putting them in every day and using adhesive to keep them in place.

Eventually, your jawbone integrates the Implant into the bone, so it works like your natural teeth and allows you to eat most of the foods you enjoy. They are just as easy to clean as well. Instead of removing your dentures each night to soak in water, you brush them as you once did your natural teeth.

Who Can Get Permanent Dentures?

As with regular dental implants, not everyone qualifies for permanent dentures. Dental implants require a jawbone with enough space left to insert the implants. If there isn’t enough healthy bone to hold them in place, then you may not be able to get implants. Also, using implants to stabilize dentures requires more of them in the jawbone.

Our dentists near you in Coral Springs, FL, will carefully evaluate your upper and lower jaws to make sure there is enough healthy bone for you to get permanent dentures. You may be able to get a partial denture on the upper or lower jaw and use a regular partial denture on the other.

Our dentists in Coral Springs, FL, can restore your ability to eat the foods you like, have a healthier mouth, and a great smile with a fixed full denture over implants. Schedule an appointment with our dental clinic.