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Root Amputation

At dentists in Coral Springs, FL, we don’t hold anything in higher regard than natural teeth. That’s why our team members have spent years training on saving and preserving natural teeth. On the off chance that we can’t save a tooth, we’re also capable of performing restorative procedures.

Root amputation is a procedure we can perform here at Designer Smiles to save a tooth. This type of procedure is commonly done on molar teeth.

Why Do We Do Root Amputations?

As mentioned earlier, root amputations are done to save teeth. They are done to teeth that have multiple roots, so if you remove one root, there are others in place. Root amputations are usually done to molars as they have two to three roots each.

Root Amputation Procedure

Before root amputation, we first have to do root canal treatment. During an amputation, we cut into the core of the tooth where all the vessels and nerves are present. These need to be removed so we can get to and respect the roots.

An incision is made in the gum so we can properly visualize the roots. Then the root to be removed has to be sectioned from the rest of the tooth and surrounding structures. After the root removal, we have to clean the area using saline before suturing the site of the incision.

Before you go home, you’ll get a temporary crown or filling to support the tooth. We’ll send you home with painkillers and potentially antibiotics. After 7 to 10 days, the incision site will have healed, and you can come back so we can remove the stitches.

After the stitches are removed, we can set you up for a permanent crown or filling. The entire process takes approximately 1 to 4 visits, depending on each case.

Before we start any procedures or make any incisions, we inject local anesthesia first. This numbs the area so you won’t feel any pain while we work, which is a concern everyone has.

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Root canal amputations sound scary, but they’re simpler than they sound. Our team is talented and well-prepared to deal with these types of procedures. Book an appointment with us to get root canal amputation.