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Root Canal Therapy

The root canal is the core of the tooth. It contains the pulp as well as the nerve. Root canal disorders or diseases can be very painful. At dentist in Coral Springs, FL, we’ve found a variety of things to be the culprits implicated in root canal disease.

Since the root canal is deep, it’s hard to think of what can damage it. Deep-seated infections can reach the pulp, causing damage as well as repeated dental procedures to that tooth. Trauma and chipped teeth can also lead to root canal troubles.

Complications of Root Canal Treatment

People who have root canal troubles might experience severe pain, but after a while, that pain can go away. This isn’t always a good thing because it can just mean that the core of the tooth died, and the nerve is no longer sensitive.

If there’s no pain, why do we need to treat your root canal issues here at Designer Smiles? Well, without treatment, a lot of bad things can happen. First of all, an abscess can form around or near the tooth as bacteria favor dead tissue. There can also be bone loss related to the affected tooth.

Even if you’re no longer feeling pain, make sure to get your root canal treated rather than neglecting it.

Root Canal Therapy

At Designer Smiles, our staff members are well-trained and have all the knowledge on the latest in dentistry. We’re more than capable of treating root canal disease. We start by injecting local anesthesia, so you don’t feel any pain during the procedure.

We’ll then proceed to clean out all the decayed and damaged tissue. After making sure the tooth is cleaned properly, we’ll seal it. Sealing might be done in the same visit, or it might be delayed if there’s an ongoing infection.

Visit an Endodontist Near You

Root canal therapy is important to protect the tooth, the jawbone, and surrounding tissue from complications. Without it, there’s a risk of losing the tooth and harming nearby structures. Visit us if you’re having dental problems, and if we think you need root canal treatment book an appointment with us for a consultant.