Gingival Flap Exposure in Coral Springs, FL

gingival flap exposure in Coral Springs, FL. This surgical treatment eliminates bacteria and corrects damage to the gums to restore health and function.

What It Is

“Sometimes during treatment, our dentist will perform a bone graft or use a gel to help rebuild missing tissue and enamel. If this is necessary, our staff will discuss the procedure with you before it occurs.

The Benefits

Surgical, dental solutions tend to be the last resort because we want to avoid damaging the structure of your smile. However, gingival flap exposure has numerous benefits for someone suffering from periodontitis.

If you are suffering from gum disease and think you might need gingival flap exposure performed near you, schedule an appointment with us at Designer Smiles FL. Our staff at our Coral Springs office will examine your smile and walk you through the types of treatment available.

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