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What is an Alveoloplasty?

After teeth extractions, you may not be ready to replace them with replacement teeth right away. Instead, your jawbone may need reshaping to allow the replacement tooth to fit correctly in the jawbone or alveolus. The name of procedure to smooth out this area of the jawbone is called an alveoloplasty.

Why is an Alveoloplasty Necessary?

After extracting teeth, the edges of the sockets where the teeth were may not heal smoothly. Before replacement teeth go into space or the alveolus, which is the part of the jawbone that holds teeth, the bone may need smoothing. If the bone isn’t smooth, then the replacements may not fit in the space correctly.

After extracting your teeth, one of our oral surgeon at Designer Smiles FL will examine the extraction sites to determine whether the bone needs smoothing. If it does, then our dentist in Coral Springs, FL, will usually perform the procedure right after the extractions. However, this procedure may also take place after the area has healed completely.

How Long does it Take for an Alveoloplasty to Heal?

After one of our dentists at Designer Smiles FL completes the alveoloplasty, they can schedule replacement teeth like installing dental implants after the site heals. This procedure usually takes place after extracting two or more teeth. While it can take place after extracting one tooth, the site usually heals smoothly after extracting a single tooth.

Our dentist in Coral Springs, FL, checks the healing progress of the alveolus about 7 to 10 days after the procedure. While oral surgeons may perform the alveoloplasty for other dentists, our dentists in Coral Springs have the training to perform this procedure in their offices.

When the site heals, then our dentists near you in Coral Springs may place the artificial roots for the implants or a fixed bridge or denture in your mouth. Throughout the process, you will need to eat a soft diet, while the surgical site is healing. Shortly after the crowns go into place or our dentists at Designer Smiles FL cements a bridge or denture in place, then you can resume your normal diet.

Consult An Oral Surgeon Near You

If you need teeth replaced due to decay or after an accident, set an appointment to consult with one of our dentists at Designer Smiles FL in Coral Springs, FL.