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Bone Replacement (Grafts)

Bone recession can occur due to several reasons. If left unaddressed, it could lead to serious problems, such as tooth loss. It can also be a problem if you do not have a sufficient bone structure in your jaw for dental implants. The good news is that the bone can be built up again with a bone grafting procedure at the dentist in Coral Springs.

What is Bone Grafting?

In a bone grafting procedure, a small amount of bone material (the graft) is placed onto an area of bone that needs to be built up. The graft can be taken from another area of the patient’s own body or taken from a donor. As the site heals, the body will deposit its own bone cells onto the area, replacing the graft material and building up the bone in that area.

Why Would a Bone Graft Be Needed?

There are several reasons why our dentist at Designer Smiles FL might recommend a bone graft. First, bone grafts may be needed before dental implants can be placed. The jawbone needs to be strong enough to support the metal posts successfully, and bone graft can build it up. Secondly, a bone graft may be used to build up the bone that has been lost as a result of gum disease (periodontitis). Leaving it untreated could cause the areas around the teeth to loosen and cause the teeth to fall out. Finally, our dentist may use a bone graft to fill in a tooth socket after a tooth has been extracted.

How are Bone Grafts Placed?

To place a bone graft, our periodontist in 33067 will need to make an incision into the gum tissue. A local anesthetic is normally used for this procedure to keep pain and discomfort at a minimum. Once the bone can be accessed, the graft will be put in place. The gum tissue will then be stitched and closed over it. Depending on the type of sutures used, you may need to return to our office in Coral Springs to have the stitches taken out. The site will heal over the next few months as the body replaces the graft material with its own bone material.

Contact us or book an appointment with Designer Smiles FL if you feel that you may need bone grafting in Coral Springs.