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Build Ups

Our goal at Designer Smiles is always to maintain an optimal level of oral health for our patients. One of the ways we achieve this is by constantly striving to preserve the structural integrity of your teeth, even after they’ve sustained damage.

Sometimes, in order to support a crown restoration, your tooth may require a core buildup first. In a core build restoration, the missing areas of the tooth are filled up with materials that will support the crown.

When is a Core Buildup Required?

For teeth that have suffered major damage or tooth decay that require a crown restoration, sometimes the remaining structure is too fragile and small to hold a crown properly. To fully restore both the function and appearance of a tooth that is missing a significant portion of its original structure, a core buildup is often necessary before the crown placement.

A crown can only stay in place successfully on a tooth that is of a certain taper, height, and bears enough surface area to work with. The core buildup technique is used to attain such characteristics.

The Makings of a Core Buildup

With the use of specialized techniques, the tooth needing a core buildup and crown is prepared by our dentist, so the core buildup sticks. This is done with phosphoric acid etching and dental-grade adhesives.

In cases where the roots and nerves are within very close proximity of the filling area, this will be sealed and protected—usually with a calcium preparation.

The core buildup material is typically prepared with dental composites that match the color of your teeth, and it’s done directly inside the mouth.

When there’s not enough of a tooth to even hold the composite materials, our endodontist will use threaded pins to strengthen the tooth further and support the core buildup and crown restoration.

After a root canal, sometimes a post is also placed inside the core buildup in what’s known as a post and core restoration. This reinforces the strength and structural integrity of the tooth before the crown is placed.

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