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Mouth Guards

Athletes, particularly those who engage in contact sports, need to take extra special care of their teeth. Collisions, flying objects, and even falls can result in painful maxillofacial injuries that would require surgery to correct.

Protecting your teeth during athletic activities that could threaten the teeth, jaw, and oral cavity—anything from football to acrobatics—is easily done with a custom mouthguard crafted by our talented team.

What are Mouth Guards?

Mouth guards are safety devices worn over the teeth that protect them from accidental injury. Collisions, flying objects, and aggressive contact can all compromise your teeth. There are three types of sports mouthguards available.

Stock Mouth Guards

Stock mouthguards are a one-size-fits-some option that can be found at any sporting goods or drug store. These ready-made mouthguards are only available in a few sizes and do not typically fit anyone well enough to offer the level of protection needed for contact sports. They tend to be a bit bulky and uncomfortable, and can even make breathing quite laborious.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

Also found in department stores and sporting goods stores, boil and bite mouth guards do mold to the teeth for a better fit. However, the soft material that hardens to the shape of your bite is not as strong as we’d like for it to be. These mouthguards are boiled in water to soften the substance, which you bite into to form a mold. It then hardens, becoming ready to wear.

Get Custom Mouth Guards from Designer Smiles FL

The best mouthguard option is the one that you will be fitted for in our office. Our Coral Springs dentist will take an exact impression of your teeth so that a perfectly molded mouthguard can be crafted for you from the finest materials. These mouthguards are the easiest to wear and provide the most comfort. Most importantly, a professional-grade custom mouth guard will offer the most protection for your teeth during contact and limited-contact sports.

Our dentists at Designer Smiles FL have your oral health in mind—it is our top priority. While we do offer the best dental care in Coral Springs, we’d like to keep your teeth well protected from any outside injury. Just call us to schedule an appointment, and you’ll have your custom mouth guard fitted in no time.