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Oral Cancer Exam

When most people think of the dentist’s office, they imagine basic cleanings, exams, and maybe orthodontic treatment. However, contemporary dentists are responsible for so much more. In particular, the role of the dentist is to help the patient maintain optimal health and wellness by monitoring the health of the entire mouth and even the jaw area, including all of the soft tissue.

What this means is that locations like our dental clinic in Coral Springs, FL, are ideal for preventative treatments like oral cancer screenings and other general healthcare needs pertaining to the mouth.

What is an Oral Cancer Screening?

During an oral cancer screening, our dentist at Designer Smiles FL in Coral Springs, FL, inspects the soft tissue inside of the mouth for precancerous or cancerous signs. Cancer is one of the most feared diseases animals can develop because it is caused by our own cells copying themselves wrong and then reproducing that mistake, leading to tumors or cells that start to shut down internal function.

During an oral cancer screening, our oral surgeon will check for potential cancerous symptoms like:

  • The presence of sores on the gums or interior cheeks
  • Red or white patches on the soft tissue
  • Unidentifiable lumps or bumps in the soft tissue
  • Interior oral bleeding

Oral Cancer Screening Procedure

Oral cancer screenings are designed to be performed once a year, although people with increased risk should have one done twice a year. During the screening, the dentist uses a variety of tools like their hands and eyes, x-rays, and even special lights. These lights use a wavelength that makes cancerous or precancerous tissue appear white against a backdrop of blue healthy tissues. The entire process takes half an hour or less and can lead to early cancer identification and rapid treatment.

Who is At Risk?

Part of why cancer is so terrifying to many is because anyone can develop it. However, some people are more at risk than others. The following people should be checked on a biannual basis:

  • Those who consume any tobacco products
  • Individuals who drink heavily
  • Anyone who smokes substances of any type
  • Those who receive a lot of sun exposure
  • Someone with a family history of oral cancer
  • Anyone who has had cancer in the past

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