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When you examine your teeth in the mirror, you should only be able to see the external layer of enamel. Underneath this enamel is a second layer composed of soft pulp and tissues. This layer is responsible for keeping the tooth healthy and strong and is often the source of pain and infection when you suffer from tooth decay.

At a dentist in Coral Springs, FL, we offer special treatments designed to eliminate damaged pulp and return you to optimal oral health and wellness. The professional term is a pulpotomy, and it is available near you at our convenience office.

What is a Pulpotomy?

In its simplest form, a pulpotomy is the removal of damaged or infected pulp from inside a tooth. The goal is to only eliminate that which cannot be saved. The rest is preserved so that the tooth remains alive and healthy.

To access the pulp, our endodontist uses the latest techniques and technology. First, they must drill through the hard exterior enamel to expose infected or inflamed tissue. The damaged portion is carefully cut away and removed. A medicated filling is then placed in the empty space to help the remaining tissue remain healthy.

Medicated fillings can be composed of a variety of substances. At Designer Smiles FL, we can utilize mineral trioxide aggregate, zinc oxide eugenol, or calcium hydroxide. A calcium-rich mixture can also be used to promote overall dental wellness.

Due to concerns about toxicity, our office avoids using older materials like formocresol.

Who Needs a Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy can be performed for numerous reasons. The most common is when someone develops a cavity, or hole in the dental enamel, that allows bacteria to infect the pulp. When this occurs and antibiotics are ineffective, our dentist needs to remove the soft tissues.

An individual might also need this procedure if they have an inflamed nerve or similar ailment that causes a long-lasting and severe toothache.

How to Receive

If you are experiencing consistent dental pain and need an exam, schedule an appointment with our office today. Our dentist will be able to tell if you need a pulpotomy and can complete the procedure from our location in Coral Springs, FL.