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What is Bone Grafting, Its Procedure, Benefits & Aftercare Tips?

A man smiling after getting a bone graft treatment

What is a Bone Graft? A bone graft replaces missing bone to repair bones that cannot heal properly on their own. The bone graft can be taken from another area of the patient’s body or synthetic. The primary purpose of getting bone grafts near Ridgeview, Coral Springs, FL, is to promote new bone growth so […]

What is Dental Frenectomy: Procedure, Types, Benefits & Aftercare

A lady having Dental Frenectomy from a dentist

What is a Dental Frenectomy? Frenectomy, alternatively called frenotomy are procedures where binding tissue on the body is modified or cut. Circumcision is a common type of frenectomy performed by medical professionals. Frenectomies are pretty standard, especially among infants. In the United States, genital Frenectomies happen frequently. The Process of Getting a Dental Frenectomy Dental […]

All You Need to Know About Gingival Irrigation

A lady getting Gingival Irrigation treatment

There are a few ways that can stop the spread of periodontal disease and improve your oral health. One of the treatments that can take care of periodontal disease is also known as gingival or oral or pocket irrigation. What is Gingival Irrigation? Gingival irrigation is a dental procedure that effectively flushes out bacteria, plaque, […]

What is a Bridge over Implants, Its Procedure and Benefits

Bridge over Implant Model

What is a Bridge over Implants? A bridge over implants is a dental bridge attached to a series of dental implants. Implants are embedded deep into your jawbone to create a stable base for holding the bridge. Bridge-over implants become part of your mouth and provide an ideal solution if you want a hassle-free option […]

What is the Procedure for Sinus Lift Surgery & When Is It Required?

A smiling woman after getting Sinus Lift Surgery

The road to robust and healthy dental implants is not always rosy. That’s why our dentist in Coral Springs performs several tests to examine and ascertain that you are eligible to get tooth implants. Inasmuch as tooth implants are the crème de la crème in the tooth replacement world, there is immense preparation and consideration […]

What is Osseous Surgery: Procedure, Benefits & Recovery

A lady patient happy after a dental treatment

What is Osseous Surgery? Osseous surgery is a term that refers to pocket reduction surgery. It is a procedure that focuses on gums’ health, targeting the hard-to-reach areas of your gum tissue. Osseous surgery entails dental protocols for removing plaque and bacteria in the gum pockets that form right beneath the gum line. The gum […]

Different Types of Mouthguards Available in 2022

A smiling girl holding a mouth guard in hand

What are Mouthguards? They are oral appliances that protect the teeth and jaw from fractures and damage after dental trauma or injuries. Mouthguards create a protective layer over teeth, acting as a shock absorber during traumatic events. In many cases, these mouth protectors are beneficial to sportspersons, especially those involved in high-contact sports. When Would […]

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Sealants

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You might wonder whether dental sealants can be a good choice for you or your child. Sealants are used to protect the teeth as they act as a barrier to things that can harm your teeth. These things include bacteria and sugars. When bacteria are allowed to remain in your mouth for long, plaque will […]

What are Clear Aligners: Procedure, Benefits and Aftercare

A girl holding clear aligners in hand

What are Clear Aligners? Clear aligners are alternative orthodontic devices for straightening teeth and correcting misaligned jaws. Clear aligners provide a cosmetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal aligners that are conspicuous to sight. They are also called invisible aligners because they are virtually invisible when worn on teeth. How Do Clear Aligners Work? The most […]

What is Esthetic Crown Lengthening Procedure and Its Benefits?

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Do you look in the mirror and notice that your teeth look small and not proportionate to the size of your gum tissue? This makes you have a gummy smile. Dentists use esthetic crown lengthening to expose the teeth’ roots and the surrounding bone tissue for you to have a ‘fuller’ smile. Esthetic crown lengthening […]